Receive the number of followers for you on Twitter in the form of text/number

Today there are already many decisions by means of which it is possible to refuse use of the habitual Twitter followers counter, and to remove this figure in own registration. In this post I will offer the way of receiving figure followers from Twitter and I will describe several his interesting aspects.

So, function which as a result returns number of followers behind your Twitter account.

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This time I won't describe that each line means. I consider that in this case it to anything. I will tell about what he has properties and opportunities.

1. In that place where you want to see number of the followers, add the next line, having replaced TwitterLogin with the name of the account:

<!--? php twitter_counter ('TwitterLogin')?-->

2. If you want that function has returned you number of followers instead of brought him the screen at once, use the following call of function:

twitter_counter ('TwitterLogin', false)

3. Function uses a certain similarity of system of a cache. The file, necessary for obtaining urgent number of Twitter followers, is connected only once in day. It is made, first, not to increase the speed of loading of the website this function, and secondly, not to connect every time the external file. The way where to be stored a cache file with number of real Twitter followers is specified in a line. Also, read more about How to get more likes and comments on Twitter posts.

$twifilename = 'twicache.txt';

4. If it isn't pleasant to you that the cache is updated only once in day, you can reduce updating time. For example, to update it each hour. For this purpose is worth finding the phrase of date ('Y-m-d') which meets as two times and to replace her in our example with date ('H').

5. If you aren't interested in a cache at all and you want to disconnect it, change value of a variable to the following:

$twifilename = null;

That's all what this function is able to do. By the way, she isn't tied to any CMS therefore it is possible to use her on any website and on any, even "naked", the page. Who had any questions, set them in Twitter comments.

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