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Hey everyone, just to let all know, we will resume back to Cleveland IndieClub meeting in January 17th (Sunday), if you have any short films, music videos, trailers, BTS or anything under 25 mins, you are welcome to show it and share it with our group members. We usually have over 40 people in attendance.

We have been serving the Cleveland independent film community since 2003 and also have a yahoo groups where that many of us share our thoughts and films via the group. You can sign up at

Cleveland IndieClub meetings are FREE to everyone. We meet on the third Sunday every month. The meetings are designed for those who have the passion for making movies using film or video (whether it is in acting, directing, producing, writing, lighting or any other skill) and are looking to network. Cleveland IndieClub is part of, a national network of filmmakers with over 30,000 members.

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